Mitsubishi Electric

MR Electrical are Accredited Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pump installers.
We are able to recommend a heat pump that best suits your home, supply and
complete the installation.

Classic GE Series
High Wall Mounted

Starting from barely a whisper, the Classic GE Series includes New Zealand's quietest indoor heat pumps ever! They are the most popular range and the classic, neutral design will suit any home. Ideal where is matters most - in bedrooms and living rooms.

Designer Series
High Wall Mounted

Combines excpetional energy effiency with award winning aes-thetics. The elegant, slimline design is vailable in a range of colours including glossy black, matte silver or classic white - so you can truely reflect your design.

Deluxe FH Series
High Wall Mounted

Flagship amongst heat pumps. New advanced features provide ultimate in unparalleled comfort and heat efficiency.

RapidHeat Series
Floor Mounted

New Zealands quiest floor consoles feature a new contemporary slimline design and reduced depth. RapidHeat Floor Consoles are the perfect solution for unobtrusive heating at floor level.

HyperCore Series
High Wall Mounted & Floor Mounted

Designed specifically for New Zealand's winter conditions, HyperCoreW Heat Pumps provide New Zealand's best heating per-formance, guaranteed.

Cassette SLZ Series
Ceiling Mounted

Compact and ultra quiet, our range of ceiling cassettes are equipped with four way airflow and cutting edge control. They offer you the flexibility to keep your wall and floor space free with-out compromising on comfort.

Concealed Systems
Whole Home Heating

Specifically designed for easy installation in ceiling spaces, con-cealed heat pumps am ideal for large residences or offices. Avail-able for installation in either a bulkhead ceiling space, or as a ducted system, these are the ultimate solution for unobtrusive heating as they am lamely hidden from view with only air grilles visible.

Multi Room Systems
Whole Home Heating

Multi room systems are designed to allow multiple indoor units of varying capacity and type to be connected to just one outdoor unit, enhancing exterior aesthetics by reducing the number of out-door units required.

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